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eMule 0.47a AcKroNiC v4.2

#Now the Quick Start start when kad is connected too.
#Added File ratings bug fix.
#Improved emulate.
#Added Safe hash
#Added Flush Thread
#Improved PowerRelease
#Now you can set the friend slot in every windows
#Fix a grafical bug in niceHash.
#Now you can delete a file in trasfer windows
#Now you can turn off the Reask sources after Ip change
#Added the password in Family Filter
#Added the Trash Filter.
#Fixed bug in Ackronic/eMule Security Filter.
#Now when you try to connected a server spy that server will be delete
#Removed the Dazzle's faster endgame
#Added the Netfinity's Dynamic Block Requests
#Inserted SiRob's changes of m_byHelloPacketState and SendStartupLoadReq()
#Added Unknown1's new Kad patch
#Added many optimizzation code

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- Binarios para P4:
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eMule 0.47a TK4 Mod v1.5c

Added: Unknown1's new Kad patch
Added: Virus scanner dialog fix by Spe64
Added: Optimize for ReduceAllocatedBlocks() by Wizard
Added: Fix for Statistics Dialog Minor Bug

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Hydranode v.0.3.0

Three months have passed since the last release, and time has come again for a release. When the previous release's focus was on Bittorrent support, this time the focus was on Graphical User Interface. As such, engine updates have been minimal, but still include several important fixes, mostly on the Windows platform.

Important engine updates include support for more than 64 open connections on Windows, support for files larger than 2GB on Windows, and full support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (half-open connections limiting). eDonkey module upgrades include improved UDP protocol handling, better A4AF handling and other performance and protocol improvements. Bittorrent got some updates as well, most importantly multi-tracker support.

Since this is the first release of the user interface, not all things we planned made it into the release. However, the currently existing features should be sufficient for daily usage. The interface was developed to be ergonomic, easy to use and visually appealing without sacrificing functionality. We hope you will enjoy using the interface as much as we enjoyed creating it.

- Windows:
- Linux:


eMule 0.47a Sion v1.3

-[CHANGE] -Client detail dialogs show the Mod version too.
-[ADD] -Possibility to assigne custom Datarate per slot when slotfocus disabled: 2 to 10ko/s with équal bandwitch for all slot, number of open slot based on allowedDataRate/wantedSlotSpeed. ( you can found this option in release option panel)
-[ADD] -Friend function: Remove all friendslot menus item
-[ADDED] -Ganja-FeedBack (Menu in downloadList and SharedList)
-[REMOVED] -FeedBack UL from Morph
-[CHANGED] -USS Pinger system. (You may to tweak again your USS settings)
-[ADD] -Color system for Small file push and Powershare tagged files in QueueList. (Blue=SFP, Yellow=PS)
-[ADD] -Total UP/DL column in QueueList
-[ADD] -Menu related to friend in QueueList (add/remove/friendslot)
-[ADD] -Web Interface Account Management from ionix (WebTemplate included in package).
-[ADD] -Web Interface Cookie Settings from ionix.
-[FIXED] -Bug on small file push.
-[FIXED] -Argos Column bug when enable/disable argos.
-[FIXED] -Option ShowSharePermission no longer appear in separate file configuration menu.
-[ADD] -More crédits system and neo file score system (Neomule credits system by default.
Why? Because i merged the whole code from néomule and by respect i take the neomule crédit by default.)
Crédits system are:

- Binarios: ed2k://|file|Emule0.47a_Sion_v1.3_BIN. rar|2997962|DE382BE002BF1B913667928586C56754|h=TU2JFVDBSBP2NPQZPMPMO642WOMC45PV|
- Fuentes: ed2k://|file|Emule0.47a_Sion_v1.3_SRC. rar|4236864|48FA8C725CF3372323CC701B94378C77|h=J6BBJHTZUYLUIOZDKDDPSYTACAB4X452|


eMule 0.47a ESE v1.0b

- Added 'Variable compression' (reduce CPU usage at high upload rates)
- Updated 'Flush Thread' [by SiRoB / MorphXT 8.10]
- Updated 'ReadBlockFromFileThread' [by SiRoB / MorphXT 8.10]
- Raised block count locking thresholds in CUpDownClient::SendBlockRequests (makes DBR to work much better)
- Fixed various cosmetic stuff in the code

*** Missed in ESE 1.0a changelog
- Fixed GetClosestTo() functions in KAD (file searches gives much more results) [by Unknown1]

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eMule 0.47a TK4 Mod v1.5b

Added: Statistics window Functional Enhancements Tagged: [SFE]
Added: [SFE] Scope pane zoom/restore on double left click
Added: [SFE] Context menu for display options: hide/restore scopes, hide/restore stats tree
full height any scope and plot fill options via statistics options.
Added: Fix for Statistic BOOL CStatisticsDlg::OnInitDialog() initial scope positions More...
Added: DL Part completion speed-up code, block size reduction outside DBR range
also improved single block request evaluation.
Improved: DL Part completion speed-up code, 1 block allocation code.
Added: Small Fix Related To Hello-handshake fix - eklmn
Added: Emsocket Multiptach fix - XMan
Added: Check Handshake Finished fix - Wizard
Added: Clientlist & Cpu Optimize - Wizard
Added: Display Fix For Downloadclient Progressbar fix - SiRoB
Added: eMule steals focus fix - raccoonI
Added: Summary not updated after deleting shared file fix - raccoonI
Fixed: Virus scan enable/disable *bug* would change state on cancel
Fixed: Bug related to SCE 1. Wouldn't evaluate files<540 Kb blocks in size
Fixed: Bug related to SCE 2. Would continue to cause re-hash of failed files ,caused by above bug,
instead of using fallback value for failed to evaluate
Fixed: Bug related to SCE 3. Did not check TAG value properly when loading initial value

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eMule 0.47a StulleMule v3.5

based on eMule 0.47a MorphXT 8.10 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix

Added: MorphXT counter [Stulle]
Added: CPU/ Memory usage display in TransferWnd [$ick$/Stulle]
Added: ScarAngel Icon (already in 3.4 - kept this info hidden ) [Stulle]
Added: New United Community Detection [Xman]
Added: UDPReaskFNF-Fix against Leechers [Xman/idea by WiZaRd]
Added: Reduce Score for leecher (on definate detection) [Stulle]
remark: 10-100% of the original score

Updated: Bad Mod list [Xman]

Changed: More leecher checks optional [Stulle]
new: BadType eMuleInfo-Tag, Suspect Hello-Tag, SNAFU, Extra Bytes
Changed: Reworked Spread Credits Slot [Stulle]
remark: clients in PS UL class and earlyabort clients valid
unless they got more than half a chunk
Changed: Update display after manual dropping immediatly [Stulle]
Changed: PBF only on complete reqfiles (different by EastShare) [Stulle]

Fixed: CPU usage display in MiniMule title line (failed here...) [Stulle]
Fixed: eMCrypt detection (using MorphXT implementation) [leuk_he]

Removed: EastShare counter [Pretender]
Removed: # of dropped sources this session in stats [Stulle]
Removed: Lower upload priority [Pretender]

CPU/ Memory usage display in TransferWnd:
+ Display order: "CPU : CPU usage of eMule (CPU usage of the whole system)"
"Mem : Memory usage of eMule (currently used physical Mem/ RAM of System)"

Spread Credits Slot debugging:
+ @ Spr N = usual Spread Credits Slot (0 up/ 0 down)
+ @ Spr F = removed early and got less than half a chunk
+ @ Spr O = got a SCS but was removed and didn't get reinitiated by @ Spr F